Wednesday :: Jul 13, 2005

Bush's Honesty Rating Drops 9 Points Since January, Down To Only 41%

by Steve

Well, whatever reservoir of support Bush had with the public for his alleged honesty is draining fast. According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released late today and taken through Monday, only 41% of those polled give Bush good marks for being honest and straightforward, his lowest mark ever and a fall of 9 points since January.

Furthermore, Bush’s job disapproval rating in this poll reached 49%, and there were interesting findings on the upcoming Supreme Court battle. Although a strong majority (60%) wanted Bush to nominate a woman who was supportive of allowing references to God in public life, majorities also wanted Bush to nominate someone against overturning Roe v. Wade, and who was supportive of affirmative action. And nearly equal numbers wanted Bush to put forward a conservative and to consider the views of liberals.

And we know that isn’t going to happen, whether Bush gets one choice (for O’Connor), two choices (for Rehnquist as well), or even three choices (if Stevens retires.) Since the public is now more concerned about Iraq than the economy, and given that Bush will act against what the public wants for the Supreme Court, don’t look for those disapproval numbers to be coming down significantly any time soon, especially if the Plame story explodes in the next two weeks.

Then we’ll see what happens to those “dishonesty” numbers.

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