Monday :: Jul 18, 2005

Bush Administration Using FBI To Track Political Opponents

by Steve

The same FBI that:

-Hasnít hired staff to fight terrorism;
-Hasnít hired staff with expertise in dealing with terrorism;
-Shredded valuable information on Saudi involvement in terror;

instead has turned its efforts towards Nixon-era monitoring and file-gathering on domestic interest groups here at home. And not just any domestic interest groups, but only those groups that oppose the Administration.

I want to see the directive from John Ashcroft or Alberto Gonzales that directed such an effort where civil rights and environmental groups have been given more priority for monitoring than Al Qaeda.

Iíd wager that the FBI has a better idea what is going on inside Greenpeace than they do inside white supremacist outfits or domestic Al Qaeda cells. And oh by the way, where is that Anthrax terrorist?

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