Wednesday :: Jul 20, 2005

Just vote no

by Duckman GR

Here’s my take on bush’s SC pick.

I’m not particularly interested in what he thinks, or why. bush picked him, therefore, to support the choice of an un-elected, lying, flip flopping, divisive, hobgoblin of a war criminal, is to validate bush.

At the same time, as others point out, given that he worked for Rehnquist, worked for bush/cheney’00, was one of their litigators in Florida, given that bush picked him, why would he be anything but a gopper knock-off swiss army knife, sure to provide bushco friendly decisions, guaranteed to threaten and intimidate liberals and other mushy folk, and vainly attempt to divert attention from those dueling animatronic colostomy bags, karl rove and john bolton.

The friend of my enemy is my enemy as well. And as Atrios puts it succinctly, Made Man. There can’t be much good about this choice, just like every other freakin choice bush has made in almost 5 long years in DC.

We will not forget them and their crimes, will not forgive them their sins, will not excuse their pusillanimous behaviors. Sorry, MacBush, your treachery will not see you out to that vaunted realm of glorious and kingly rapture, but to the petty and squalid world of Robert Hansson.

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