Wednesday :: Jul 27, 2005

Mr. 41%

by Steve

Bush’s approval rating in a new Quinnipiac Poll out this morning has now dropped seven points since February to only 41%, with 53% disapproving his job performance. Note in the poll the following:

56% of those polled think the Senate should not only consider John Roberts’ qualifications, but also his views on issues.

By a 61%-32% margin, respondents said that Roberts should state his views on abortion.

And although 65% of those polled agree with Roe v. Wade, including 42% of the Republicans polled, large numbers did support parental notification and a 24-hour waiting period prior to an abortion.

The poll shows that there has been no groundswell against abortion since Bush became president.

Which raises the question: exactly how much political capital does a 41% president have to demand anything?

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