Thursday :: Jul 28, 2005

The DLC Uncle Sam Wants You!

by Marie

What is the Army recruitment quota for 2005? I recall that it was something like 88,000. Or maybe it was 8,800 per month and 105,000 for the year. Either way that seems a bit low. Would that have been enough to cover the attrition in the peacetime Army? Since the invasion of Iraq, arenít re-enlistments down? Then add the 10,000 a year that are being lost to injuries and deaths, and that recruitment quota looks even more inadequate.

Half the troops in Iraq are National and Army Guards. The Army and Marine quotas donít seem to address this problem. Not only is the use of the National Guard in this way inappropriate but they are also losing about 10,000 a year in Iraq. As lousy as it is for Army and Marine personnel that serve in Iraq, the Guards get the real short end of the stick both during and after service in Iraq. These people didnít sign up to be marched off to war (during Vietnam it was the safe haven from the war, something GWB took advantage of), and now that they are being used as supplemental cannon fodder, people arenít exactly lining up to enlist.

Now comes the new mantra from ďmoderateĒ Democrats and the DLC that we need more troops in Iraq to better protect the troops that are already there. Exactly where are these additional troops going to come from? The Army canít meet its current recruitment quotas. Those quotas are inadequate to keep the troop level where it was two years ago. The National Guard canít supply more and will be hard pressed to maintain the current level of deployments. Do the DLC bozos expect to see lines at the recruitment centers if Hillary is in the WH?

How much is the country spending on National Defense on the Iraq Occupation? The DLC gang wants to spend more. They are getting stuck in the same trap that the GOP has set up for the opposition on every issue. They create a mess, spend a fortune doing it and then the bleeding heart ďliberalsĒ step in and point out that they havenít spent enough money. The first duty of this country is send troops into harmís way only when absolutely necessary. If that condition is not met, demanding greater troop strength and better equipment is not substitute for that first duty failure. Itís shocking that the Congressional SOBís that authorized ďGeorgeís Excellent AdventureĒ were uninformed and didnít inquire about the equipment readiness of our military forces. Since Iíve known about the gross deficiencies in the vehicle and personnel armor for almost two years, they should have been at least that well informed and damn well should have done something about it. Simply giving Bush more money to spend is not doing something about it. If it takes two years to bring forces up to the level necessary to handle an occupation that should never have happened and less than half that amount of time to get the hell out of there, what is rationale for only focusing on the former?

Watching the newly invigorated DLC has caused me for the first time to consider that Nixon may have ended the Vietnam War faster than Humphrey/Muskie would have. Democrats worry more about being labeled unpatriotic wimps by the GOP than they worry about doing the right thing. The Scoop Jackson wing of the Party would have been pushing for expanding that war and were less prepared to accept a defeat than Nixon was. As much as GWB and the Neo-Cons donít ever want to leave Iraq, they are beginning to show signs of recognizing that they are in an untenable situation in both Iraq and on the domestic political front. They may be able to hold both together through the 2006 mid-term elections, but mostly because the opposition is so pathetic.

In 2003, I postulated that if GWB could hold the costs in Iraq down to a soldier or two a day and a billion a week that he would be hard to beat because costs at the level werenít large enough for a majority of Americans to be concerned about. Theyíve risen since then and a majority is now concerned. Who are they going to listen to? Democrats like Hillary who is spouting rhetoric about getting more resources to our military or the GOP that is hinting that success is right around the corner and our troops will soon be coming home? Looks to me as if Democrats are cruising for another bruising.

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