Wednesday :: Aug 3, 2005

Showing The Sunnis Some Of That "Bad Apples" Loving

by Steve

Of course, there is no reason whatsoever for the Sunnis to think that the Bush Administration is hostile to them, and siding with the Shia. Why, they should just ignore incidents like this, which happened today:

Sunni leader Adnan al-Dulaimi said U.S. soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded him. His grandson Mohemmed Adnan, 16, said one of the soldiers beat him and slammed his face against a wall.
A U.S. military statement said American forces briefly detained Dulaimi while looking for a wanted suspect in his house. They said he was held for 10 minutes and "treated with respect."

Respect. Yes, a little of that “bad apples”, George W. Bush respect. It’s not like they didn’t know who al-Dulaimi was. But then, this wasn’t the first time that we have abused the Sunni leadership, either.

I'm sure this will endear the Sunnis to separate themselves from the foreign fighters.

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