Wednesday :: Aug 3, 2005

Just a reminder

by Duckman GR

For those who think the Democrats are loosers (heh), consider this:

The goppers own the Media. They own the Media because they OWN it. Faux, TW/AOL, NYT, CNN, Timmeh, Judy, Wolfie, AP, Clear Channel, Sinclair, Broder, Woody, it’s a long list. The Publishers and Editors are creatures of capital, not journalism, whose side do you think they’re going to stand for?

They control the mothers’ milk of politics. K St Project, grover, rover, focus on the family, ptl, scaife, mellon, heritage, armpac, ad nauseum.

They cheat and lie and steal, subvert, pervert, and malign the innocent. How many Democratic registrations, how many purged Democratic “Felons,” how many threatened, bullied, or misdirected Democratic voters, how many shortchanged Democratic precincts, how many diebolded Democratic votes, and in the face of that, of fraud, manipulations, lies, scams, phone jamming, delaying tactics, and more, Vice President Gore lost the fight by one lousy vote, 5-4, a rancid and unprecedented Supreme Court decision

Senator Kerry lost Ohio by a relative handful of votes. And look at what the goppers had to go through to beat him.

They have Money and Media. Try running a campaign without one or the other, or both. And still, despite all those "advantages" and all that cheating and still they can barely win? Seems to me that the Democrats are doing pretty good at the ballot box, it’s just on the application and tools end of things that we keep getting beat. But the vote in Ohio tells me those days are over.

More details below.

MyDD has a good post on a strategy that doesn't depend on Mommy or Daddy to implement. To wit:

We have a three part strategy to winning NJ7 for the Democrats. 1) Opp research and publicity on Ferguson to get his negative ID up; 2) build local Democratic organizations in Republican areas to build more grassroots strength via contributions so locals can do federally approved political action such as organizing, voter registration and education; and 3) contribute and fundraise for our candidate when s/he arrives.
Get involved, keep your eye on the ball. Publicize the goppers failures/mistakes/membership in the Culture of Corruption.

Take randy cunningham. Please. A perfect example, if he would have run, his negatives guaranteed defeat. Sure, we had Josh Marshall and The Left Coaster and others beating the drum, but also the local North County Times and SD Union Tribune exposing the Culture of Corruption. Not to mention he never smoked marijuana! Letters, Local Protestors in front of his house, local radio, all working to beat that dumb ass down. And it worked.

At the same time, you have to build the network. 50 State Strategy. 435 Strategy, whatever you want to call it, you gotta build the foundation. You don't build a house from the roof down, why would a political movement operate that way?

Paul Hackett's campaign worked that way, and that's the only way to make lasting and deep inroads, by getting people committed. It's the same reason why the war in Iraq is unwinnable, well one reason, having Bow Wow Wow running it is another reason (bushcheneyrummy), because America, as a whole, makes no sacrifices. Give up that gas guzzling Hummer? Not bloody likely. Raise taxes to pay for the war? Over my beaten in the Primaries dead body! Show the faces of the dead? Ask Ted Koppel about that.

But if you make a real connection, if it's your friend, your family, your town, your team, you try harder. That's why the Marines are what they are. They fight for their brother Marines first, because of the bonds of shared sacrifice, then for their symbols. That's why Maj. Hackett volunteered to go over there this time, to help his brother Marines.

We can do a similar thing in the political arena, and the Blue 7th PAC lays out one way. As they say,

CONCLUSION: We've had it

We do not want to be represented by a Republican in Congress anymore. It is bad for our families, our neighborhoods, our towns, our counties, our state, our country and our world.

The only way we are going to change this is by doing it ourselves, and so we started Blue 7th PAC.

Let me repeat this.

We do not want to be represented by a Republican in Congress anymore. It is bad for our families, our neighborhoods, our towns, our counties, our state, our country and our world.

Now get busy.

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