Monday :: Aug 8, 2005

Down and Dirty

by dj moonbat

You may, or may not, have noticed that one of The Left Coaster's contributors has disappeared. You also may, or may not, have noticed this new "dj moonbat" weirdo who started coming by recently. Suffice it to say that recent blog posts about employment difficulties afflicting people with blogs have convinced me to adopt an alter ego.

Perhaps nothing I said in my old, pre-pseudonymous days at TLC was the sort of stuff that keeps you out of a job. But that's partly because TLC is a classy kind of place, and I didn't want to dirty up the joint too badly. But y'know, sometimes mean, sarcastic, snarky and bitter jokes are what feels like getting out. So TLC now has a little brother: is now opening for business.

With the able help of some TLC regulars, Low and Left aims to be a little less serious, a little snarkier, and with any luck, just as much fun. Phidipides, iamcoyote, benjoya and I hope you'll stop by for a drink.

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