Saturday :: Aug 20, 2005

Frist Wants Intelligent Design Taught Alongside Evolution In Schools

by Steve

Can we please once and for all dismiss Bill Frist as a serious presidential candidate in 2008? In his continuous effort to pander to the American Taliban, Frist saw an opportunity to move rightward of Little Ricky Santorum and came out yesterday for the teaching of intelligent design alongside evolution in our schools. This from a man who found the scientific reasons and benefits behind stem cell research compelling enough to come out against the president and the home-grown fellow mullahs and support such research.

Exactly what kind of thought process does it take to accept the scientific benefit of stem cell research, and then to turn around and dismiss the science behind evolution by equating it to a faith-based theory that has no scientific basis whatsoever? It's sad to see how little Frist got out of that medical education.

We're in 2005 folks, and the Senate Majority Leader basically thinks little of Charles Darwin and decades of science. That's your modern GOP.

It appears that Frist's core principles derive from the latest phone call he gets from James Dobson.

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