Wednesday :: Aug 24, 2005

American Legion Marches Off The Deep End

by Steve

As the American Legion takes a step that resembles fascism, it would be nice if they spent as much time and energy holding the same Administration accountable for a lack of boots on the ground, a negligent lack of armor and equipment, a botched occupation, a lack of an exit strategy, inadequate veterans' health care, and poverty-level family support services, all things that demoralize troops at least as much as a public protest here at home.

Of course, as Billmon found today, this is the same organization that told Clinton we needed to get our troops out of Yugoslavia because among other things we lacked a clear statement of national interest and an exit strategy. But now that a GOP president is in office....

It is a sad day when the American Legion has turned itself into an extension of the GOP, an opponent of the First Amendment and the right to challenge authority, and thinks little of dissent while still clinging to the right wing's pathetic canard that it was all the fault of domestic opponents that the United States didn't "win" the Vietnam war. What this does confirm though is that the White House, RNC, and the GOP have got the hardwiring in place to start the "Blame the Democrats" mantra for our failures in Iraq and any future terrorist attack here on our soil.

Yet the Legion apparently cares little that their action today moves them closer to those their brave membership defeated in World War II, and farther away from the Founding Fathers. To the Legion, it is better to protest quietly and wait for our one-party state and the corporate media to change course sometime during this multi-decade war on terror, than it is to try to humanize the cost of this war to our families and our communities, and challenge the agendas and policies that got us here so that we can effectively fight terrorists.

We can now look forward to the ugly sight of seeing Legion members protesting aggressively against anti-war protesters, which will only serve to marginalize the Legion when they attack moms and dads who have lost loved ones, while Rove gets to see the members continually spout their deluded Stepford-cult thinking, through the Mighty Wurlitzer, that a protest against this war is somehow a show of support for Al Qaeda. It would be very interesting to see what communications there have been between the Legion and the White House leading up to today's action, which is a sure sign of desperation from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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