Friday :: Aug 26, 2005

Put A Fork In Him

by Steve

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To me, it is very significant when a Gallup Poll shows that Bush has finally dropped to the 40% mark in job approval, and that’s just what happened when Gallup released their latest poll today. In a poll taken through last night, Bush has now fallen to only 40% approval, with his disapproval rating now up to a staggering 56%.

These are the worst marks of his presidency in a Gallup poll, and reflect a slippage of five points just in the last two weeks, a period where Bush has been on vacation, raising money, ignoring Cindy Sheehan, and still trying to justify the Iraq war as being connected to 9/11 by making appearances before Stepford crowds in safely GOP states. I can’t wait to see how these numbers look when he returns to Washington and tries to sell us Social Security privatization again with the Fitzgerald indictments pending. Worse yet for Bush, consumer confidence has headed downhill this month over gas prices.

The drop in President Bush's job approval rating has been accompanied by a continuing drop in the American public's overall satisfaction with the way things are going in the United States today.
Just 34% of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in this country in the Aug. 22-25 Gallup Poll, while 62% are dissatisfied. This is the lowest satisfaction level of the entire Bush administration to date and is the lowest recorded by Gallup since January 1996.

Since Janaury 1996...right after the GOP Congress shut down the government. Got it.

Yes, the party ID for this poll showed a Democratic advantage in self-identification:

Dem 35%
GOP 29%
Ind 34%

But if Gallup says it is representative of the country as a whole at this time…

Now if only the Democrats would finish him off and start making the case that they can do better, 2006 might be a pretty good year.

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