Tuesday :: Sep 6, 2005

On Angels' Wings, Or Beelzebub's Back?

by pessimist

There are some very interesting stories coming out about the Katrina evacuees and where they are going for shelter. On the one hand, The Real 43rd President of the United States, Al Gore, arranged for about 130 people to be flown to Tennesse for care and succor.

In the meantime, some are being taken to Utah without their knowledge;

Jervis Bergeron lost his home to Hurricane Katrina. He lost his dignity looting for food and water. He lost track of his family in the chaos that ensued as rescuers evacuated New Orleans. Now he has lost his bearings.

"I knew where Utah was, but nobody told me that's where we were going. Nothing personal. It's nice. But I don't know anybody here," said Bergeron, among the first batch of 152 evacuees to arrive at the Camp Williams Utah Army National Guard training site.

National Guard officials asked a reporter and photographer aboard two separate military planes not to identify their news organizations or tell the refugees where the planes were going. They explained some refugees on earlier flights complained or refused evacuation when told where they were going.

At least one volunteer at Camp Williams says the scattershot rescue will make reconnecting families tougher. Violating victims' civil rights also adds insult to injury and reinforces their feelings of helplessness, said Christine Hurst, a certified crisis counselor.

Hurst recounted the experience of a young evacuee who on Saturday told a family member in Texas that she was en route to Houston only to wind up in Utah. "Now the Red Cross has to send her to Houston. That's where her family is. There's no family here. It's been quite a culture shock for her."

All Hurst can do, she says, is "validate their feelings and tell them they have the right to be angry."

At least one blogger has some questions as to why the secrecy.

Camp W.G. Williams occupies 25,000 acres in northcentral Utah, 26 miles south of Salt Lake City. It sits on the west slope of the Traverse Mountains.

The Traverse Mountains, though very small (17 miles maximum length and 5.5 miles maximum width) maintain an importance out of proportion with their size because they separate the Great Basin geologic and physiographic province from the Western Rocky Mountains province and because of their unusual east-west orientation. The Utah Lake drains into the Great Salt Lake through the Jordan River maintaining a wide flood plain over its entire course except along the narrow water gap called the Jordan Narrows where the river splits the Traverse Mountains into an eastern and western section.

Refugees from New Orleans behind barbed wire in Utah
by Don Nash, Unknown News
Sept. 6, 2005

Utah's Governor Jon Huntsman has taken in some of the New Orleans refugees, at Camp Williams. Replete with barbed wire, armed soldiers with weapons at ready, police and sheriff with weapons at ready, and hell, they must surely feel right at home. In America yet. What bullshit!

The Hurricane Katrina insurgency from New Orleans is tucked safely away behind the 6-foot chain link fence with the accommodating barb wire atop chain links. The ONLY entry into Detention Camp Utah is through the highly secure military gates that are guarded by armed military guards twenty four seven. The armed military guards at the military gates will not take nor answer any questions regarding the New Orleans insurgency. The nice chap with the shiny Colt 45 and the three stripes on his sleeve was growing moderately curt and gave me one last instruction to get away while I still could.

Detention Camp Utah is a windblown and barren military installation atop the foothills of what is known as the Oquirrh (pronounced ochre) Mountains. It is isolated and surely quiet.

What a pleasant spot for those that were relocated by the U.S. military and the New Orleans insurgency weren't even told where it was they were being shipped to. Not a one of the refugees/insurgents were told they were being sent to Utah. What a freaking shock that must have been.

I call upon Left Coaster readers who live in that vicinity to verify or refute these allegations. If false, that information needs to be disseminated.

But if what it's true?

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