Tuesday :: Sep 6, 2005

DeLay Unwittingly Undercuts GOP Rationale For Estate Tax Elimination And Permanent Tax Cuts

by Steve

On a day when Harry Reid was able to get Bill Frist to delay this week’s vote on a permanent repeal of the estate tax, none other than Tom DeLay may have handed the Democrats the best argument there is to defeat any effort at eliminating the estate tax and making Bush’s tax cuts permanent.

DeLay was asked if a temporary rollback of the federal gas tax would be considered to help consumers cope with sharply higher gas prices. He gave this response:

"Absolutely not. Now more than ever you're going to need ... that infrastructure, those highway trust funds, to rebuild the bridges that were destroyed, rebuild the railroads that were destroyed. You have to have the infrastructure or you can't have a recovery," DeLay said.

Really? So we will need that government revenue to rebuild the affected areas, and have an economic recovery?

Hmmm. So explain again to me Felonious Tom how it is wrong to give an economic break to consumers because it will deprive the government of the funds it needs for reconstruction, yet it's OK for the wealthy to reap the benefits of an estate tax repeal and making permanent the Bush corporate and upper-income tax cuts, at a time when such moves will drain the Treasury of billions necessary for reconstruction over the next decade?

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