Thursday :: Sep 15, 2005

Get Ready For The Usual Bush Spin On Reconstruction Speech Tonight

by Steve

AOL Online Poll, 8:45 PM Eastern Time:

1. How confident are you in President Bush?

Not at all 59%
Very 34%
Somewhat 7%

2. Does Bush share your priorities for the country?

No 63%
Yes 37%

3. How would you rate his handling of the Katrina crisis?

Poor 56%
Good 19%
Excellent 15%
Fair 10%

Total Votes: 258,978

As Bush gives his "New Orleans will rise again" speech tonight, there are several key questions that should be kept front and center in the spin:

How are you paying for it, Mr. Bush?: Will Bush be proposing to put this $200-300 billion reconstruction effort on the BushCharge credit card, adding another several hundred billion to his already obscene tab? With Tom DeLay telling us now that there isn't any fat left in the budget, that rules out domestic spending cuts to pay for this. So unless Bush proposes to roll back some of his upper end tax cuts or redirect money away from Iraq and back home, all his talk tonight is nothing but the usual fluff. Quite simply, Bush plans to raid Social Security to pay for this, and maintain the corporate and upper income tax cuts, rather than ask for true sacrifice from all of us. Polls already show that the public would rather pay for this by rolling back the tax cuts and moving money home from Iraq, so anything that Bush does tonight to put this on his BushCharge tab should be confronted by Democrats for what it is.

Who will be doing the work?: Note that Mr. Bush is already saying that most of the reconstruction will be financed by the federal government, which means that the usual Bush cronies will get another chance to profit from Bush's negligence through no-bid contracts with the likes of Halliburton, Bechtel, and other corporate shakedown artists. Yet Senator Landrieu already laid down a marker this morning when she said that the reconstruction should be done by local firms generating local jobs.

What else is buried in the "reconstruction" program? In other words, what rollbacks of labor, environmental, consumer, civil rights, and other laws will the GOP try and achieve with this program? The devil will be in the details.

How does Bush plan to fix federal mistakes? His party has already rejected an independent inquiry into the Katrina failings, despite public support for such an inquiry and accountability. Democrats should be ready to oppose any whitewash of the administration's performance, and should remind voters that the same guys who ignored the 9/11 Commission findings for a year now are rejecting an outside inquiry for this tragedy. The party line for Democrats should be "if you want competence and accountability, as well as an 'America First' approach to healing and problem-solving here at home, then elect more Democrats next year."

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