Friday :: Sep 16, 2005

Why Now Brown Bow?

by Marie

Slinking out the Bu$hCo backdoor is hardly unprecedented. In the case of “Brownie,” it’s was perfectly predictable. As usual it comes with no acknowledgment of Bu$hCo wrongdoing. “Brownie” just wants more time to hug his wife, walk his dog and drink more margaritas. He’s served his purpose to take the flack and heat off Chertoff and GWB. Still, having him hang around a little longer, at least until the Friday WH trash day, could have been more advantageous. Given a bit more time for public outrage to coalesce around Brown and increase the chance that he would be an effective scapegoat. As well as deflect attention away from the hearings on Roberts.

The “Time” article may have been the straw that precluded Bu$hCo’s ability to run out the clock on Brown and maximize their upside to “letting” him go. “Time” took it from a question of competence (something nobody seems able to nail anyone in the Bush administration on) to one of lying on a resume and possibly committing perjury in his Senate confirmation hearings. This aspect of Brown threatened to spill over into Roberts hearings and give public support to Democrats to grill him until he answers the questions. Krugman raised the ante in his Monday NYT Op-Ed by pointing out that Brown isn’t an exception in the Bush Administration (exactly what I’ve been saying for a while); it’s filled with cronies and political operatives. All of whom are focused on looking good but incapable of doing good.

The timing of Brown’s departure would have been Rove’s call. He and Cheney make a lot of calls behind GWB’s back. Since GWB is not very skilled at keeping a secret, they’ve learned that it’s best to “keep him out of the loop” as much as possible. Up until this one, it hasn’t hurt GWB’s image as strong and decisive. Would have worked again if reporters hadn’t gotten to GWB with this news before Unka Karl did. This time he looked weak for not firing Brown and not in control for not knowing about the resignation before it hit the newswires.

Or -- could “Brownie” have been so pissed about being assigned the task of taking a bullet for Bush that he timed his resignation to make Bush look like the idiot he is? Like Bush, Brownie isn’t all that bright, but deviousness and vindictiveness doesn’t take a lot of brainpower. Not sure if his NYT interview indicates more of this. Must admit that this is one of those Bu$hCo moves that I can’t read. Unka Karl not orchestrating it with his usual attention to detail or “Brownie” demonstrating that he’s not a complete boob?

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