Friday :: Sep 16, 2005

CA: Arnold not done screwing Californians

by CA Pol Junkie

It's official: Arnold wants four more years:

"I’m a follow through guy ... I’m not here for three years, I’m in the job for seven years. Yes, I will run," Schwarzenegger said.

That's right! There are millions of Californians he has not yet pissed off! Nurses, firefighters, teachers, public employees, college students, gays, and people who want inexpensive prescription drugs are just the beginning! So much of his corporatist agenda remains unfulfilled! There are too many promises left for him to make and break! With his approval rating currently at 36%, Arnold is counting on the Revenge of the Nerds entry of either Treasurer Phil Angelides or Controller Steve Westley to buckle under his biceps. To beat Arnold will require political jiujitsu: the larger than life charisma which got him elected needs to be portrayed for what it is: tiresome obnoxious bullying. He won on his personality, and now he needs to lose on it.

Nerds of California unite! He might be able to squish six of us under his arms at once, but we outnumber him and shall defeat him in November 2006!

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