Saturday :: Sep 17, 2005

Stockholm Syndrome

by eriposte

I just returned from a ~3-week trip to Europe, and having just had minimal internet access during that time I was able to read only glimpses of the excellent blogosphere coverage on Hurricane Katrina. But I read enough to understand the intentional, depraved indifference demonstrated by the Bushies wrt New Orleans. So it comes as no surprise to see that Stockholm Syndrome among "Democrats" and so-called "Liberals" is in full effect. After reading Digby on this, I also saw this post by Rob at Americablog highlighting Donna Brazile's unbelievable response to President Bush's speech.

Let's just say that any hopes I had that the Democratic party will demonstrate the courage required to stand up to the fakery, corruption and incompetence of the Bush administration - especially in light of the post-Katrina tragedy they caused - have been flushed down the drain.

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