Wednesday :: Sep 21, 2005

Dear Democrats

by Duckman GR

Do you really like the decisions that George W Bush has made since he was placed in nominal charge of the political forces of this country?

Do you really like them? Are you impressed with his handling of the threats of Osama bin Laden, Mr. Wanted Dead or Alive? His handling of the invasion of Iraq?

Are you suitably impressed with the abdication of his responsibility as head of the occupying power in Iraq that has led to the looting of our past, the loss of 1,000's upon 1,000's of Iraqi lives, more than 2000 Americans, an emerging Islamic Republic in some or all of Iraq, the degradation of our status and standing as a great Democracy, that shining city on the hill JFK spoke about?

Do you think that his choices to head government agencies has made our country better and stronger, people like bolton and condi “Shoe Shoppin” rice and mike “Heckuva Job” brown and all the other sorry political crony’s? Do you think janice rogers brown and thomas pickering and john “Cotton Mather” ashcroft and the rest are actually good for our democracy?

Maybe you like the way he’s managed the Hurricane Katrina Crisis, playing guitar, eating cake, golfing, I dunno, maybe you think that’s the way everybody should respond to a natural disaster?

Because that’s what a vote for roberts is, Senators, Democrats, a vote for this corrupt, immoral, ignorant, greedy, selfish, and don’t forget george, immature, administration. Did I mention corrupt?

A vote for roberts tell us that he’s okay. And if he’s okay, then bush is okay, because bush nominated him. And if bush is okay, then the next one he proposes will be okay. Even if it were Charles Manson. Because bush nominated him. We have the guy, through his own cronyism and incompetence, on the ropes, and what do you do? Throw him an anvil? No, you throw him your towel, a bottle of Red Bull, some chocolates, and maybe an energy bar to boot.

And here's the consequences of a hair massaged bush. There was a discussion on The NewsHour last night with Gwen Ifill and the Hairclub for Growth guy and some presumably Democratic consultant/former staffer on how to pay for Katrina. I direct you to this portion of the talk, I won't bother with the part about tax cuts being off the table:

[update 4:00 pm pdt - Mind you, not all Dems are bad. Here's a link to Leader Pelosi being the ONLY Legislator on record willing to give up some pork for Katrina-and Katrina will be a hungry swine when all's said and done. Way to Go Ms. Pelosi]

GWEN IFILL: What about Medicaid cuts, which have been $10 billion in Medicaid cuts which presumably benefit the kind of people that Katrina needs to help right now, should they be rolled back?

PAT TOOMEY: Medicate absolutely has to be on the table. There are states in which huge percentages of the population are getting Medicaid benefits. This program has been growing at rates that are absolutely unsustainable. I think everybody on both sides of the aisle ultimately understands that. This would be a good time to take another look at that program.

GWEN IFILL: Highway spending, energy spending. A lot of people say there's a lot of pork in that.

STAN COLLENDER: Well, and there may be a lot of pork, but that bill just passed; it passed overwhelmingly in both houses, the president signed it. And, you know what, even if they cut back some of what some people might call pork, but other people would call a very important sacred cow for their districts and states, the level of savings would have been relatively small. The time to stop that bill from happening, that spending from occurring was when it was first being considered earlier in the year.

Okay, back up the buses right there. Medicaid, “which presumably benefit the kind of people that Katrina needs to help right now,” (I think she means the people that need help after Katrina, but who knows these days) that and the drug plan get top billing for things to “cut” from the gop. Even though they are going to help the people that actually need the help after this hurricane, they’re on the table. And Gwen, good ol Gwen, good friend to Condi the Shoe Shopper, she doesn’t even make a sound, not a peep, and, amazingly enough, doesn’t look for any comment from the supposed Democrat, who does not back up the bus to challenge what the gop really wants to do. Screw the poor and the sick. Help nobody, especially all those black people, right Gwen?

This is what they want, Democrats. This is what they do. You keep up with the votes with them, and they will find the savings to pay Halliburton and Bechtel and Fluor and AshBritt and Exxon/Chevron for the cleanup.

There’s a long discussion thread over at Dkos about the roberts bend over, and if it weren’t so pathetic, I’d laugh. 20 votes, 30 votes, 40 votes, nobody cares. bush doesn’t care, rove doesn’t care, the public doesn’t care. They all see the end result, stepford judge and gop hack as Chief Justice for 30 years. There’s all this wild speculation about if it makes it harder or easier to oppose the next one. Jeebus on one leg, it’s going to be somebody who won’t tell us anything, who’s been vetted by rove, and that’s all there is to it. Somebody they’ve already approved, or somebody who looks so very reasonable and mild and the Dems will fall all over themselves to praise their intellect and qualifications.

Man, what a fucking party I belong to.

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