Sunday :: Oct 2, 2005

The pRedzident Of The Seventh Dimension

by pessimist

Sometimes, when one looks at the news, one has to wonder just which planet - or dimension - King George really belongs to, for it is increasingly clear he doesn't belong in ours. While:

* An Iraqi minister's brother was kidnapped, which would place a great deal of pressure on that entity's operation (even if it really were a government!)

* Car bombs explode all over Iraq, killing dozens - including an ex-GI who decided to work for Blackwater and make some real money at the cost of his life

* The most-powerful army the world has ever seen can't seem to rout a few irregular locals

* Iraq is sliding toward civil war, as evidenced by major cooperative breakdowns between Sunni and Shia and Shia and Kurd

* And Iraq's forming 'government' is falling apart,

King George seems to think that everything is going swimmingly!


One has to wonder just how much reality ever enters the domain of the Crawford Cocaine Connector when:

* US generals are quoted that they believe a large U.S. force in Iraq might in fact be creating problems as well as solutions and that the Iraq invasion was ‘strategic disaster'

* British Army officers blame Tony Blair for getting them into an unplanned mess, destroying Army morale, and making it possible for the British Army to be pushed into Iran to protect itself from defeat by Iraqi irregulars due to political leaders' "incompetence and lack of direction". Recent British outrages haven't helped any.

* Denmark suffered their first Iraq casualty

* Japan is wavering in its commitment to King George's Oil War in part because Australia is pulling out of Iraq in May 2006 and won't be there to protect them.

Another island from reality has to be Afghanistan, where US soldiers continue to be killed. Didn't we impose a government on that land through the agency of a rigged election? Everything should be WONDERFUL by now!

The World Of Terror

The opportunities for Bu$hCo to 'fight' terror continue to expand exponentially, with the latest bombing in Bali causing injury to two Americans - a clear Casus belli - does that mean that George will attack Britain because e Bali bomber was educated there?

It worked for Osama in Afghanistan! But if Dumbya does invade Britain for this 'reason', he will have to understand why Mexico would invade Georgia if they choose to invoke the same logic.

But seriously, with the continuing troubles in Thailand , the Thai government is going to pursue a strategy that didn't work well in Vietnam. We could again be in Southeast Asia!

In neighboring Burma, the military government is planning new crackdowns of true freedom fighters, opening opportunities for terrorism to break out there because no one trusts the ruling junta's word anymore. No one trusts our government's word anymore, either!

Even India and Pakistan and Nepal are having 'insurgent' problems, providing new opportunities for Bu$hCo to demonstrate their 'War on Terra' really works! Especially the new and improved version!

If it ever gets off the drawing board.

Meanwhile, back in the reality-based world, ...

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