Friday :: Oct 14, 2005

Bush And Conservatives' Failures Rejected By Americans - Approval Down To 38%

by Steve

Well, we now have the lowest level of consumer confidence in 13 years, even though some of the “experts” feel that things are looking up. And what world exactly are they from? In contrast, note that, as mentioned in the AP wire story from late yesterday, the widely-circulated NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll of Wednesday found that 69 percent of those polled thought that the worst was still ahead on gas prices, and only 28% thought the country was headed in the right direction. Plus, even the most recent Fox poll registered Bush’s lowest approval ratings ever, down to 40%. Again, this is a Fox poll!

But the experts think the economy is looking up. And on the heels of these “Rosy Scenario” assessments comes the results of the latest Pew Poll, with a very large sample, that shows Bush’s approval rating crashing to only 38%, with a staggering 56% disapproval rating, with only 29% thinking the country is headed in the right direction. And keep in mind this is after the attempts recently to rebuild Bush’s image, but before the hammer falls from whatever Patrick Fitzgerald comes out with.

And for those of our friends on the right, who continually want to talk up Bush and the conservatives as being mainstream and trash we progressives and liberals for being detached from the “real America”, I give you the following results from that Pew Poll:

"In the long run, do you think George W. Bush will be a successful or unsuccessful president, or do you think it is too early to tell?"
Successful: 26%
Unsuccessful: 41%
Too Early: 30%

"All in all, what effect has George W. Bush had on politics and the way government works in Washington? Has he made things better, made things worse, or hasn't he had much of an effect?"

Made Better: 21%
Made Worse: 41%
Little Effect: 32%
"When it comes to national policy, who do you think George W. Bush is listening to more: conservative members of his party or moderate members of his party?"
Conservative: 57%
Moderate: 27%

And then the killer question when it comes to the Rovian dream of a conservative realignment and establishing a Bush legacy:

"Looking ahead to the next presidential election, would you like to see a president who offers policies and programs similar to those of the Bush Administration, OR would you like to see a president who offers different policies and programs?"
Similar to Bush: 25%
Different from Bush: 69%

This tells us that large numbers of voters finally accept that Bush is a conservative, and that those conservative policies and Bush’s approach to government have been summarily rejected by Americans by nearly a 3-1 margin. And this is before the Democrats figure out and tell voters what they would do differently. And the Pew Poll contains some good news for the Democrats here, as well:

So please, let’s stop the winger nonsense about who is and isn’t in the mainstream of America from now on. The American public has seen five years of total conservative GOP control of the government, and they reject what they have seen and want to go in a different direction. The Bush Administration is seen as a regrettable part of our nation’s political history, and it’s time Democrats start talking like that and getting voters fired up over replacing this government and its crony-infested, corrupt, inept members, both in Congress and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Americans are ready to move on and leave George W. Bush and his conservative followers on the side of the road, looking for their next gullible victims.

(Graph/table courtesy of and Pew)

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