Thursday :: Oct 20, 2005

Now It's Jim Hoagland's Turn To Attack Fitzgerald And Ignore The White House Iraq Group

by Steve

Yesterday, it was Jacob Weisberg at Slate who was doing his duty for the GOP in bashing Patrick Fitzgerald’s aggressiveness while minimizing the criminality of abusing national security information and assets for political payback. Today, it is the water-carrying Jim Hoagland of the Washington Post, a man who is their senior foreign policy writer and who never once in his column sees the real danger in exposing national security assets and information for political gain. And not once in Hoagland’s column does he mention the White House Iraq Group and the organized effort to destroy those who threatened to expose the disinformation campaign used by this administration to lead us into a war of choice.

But coming from Hoagland, this should not be surprising. It was Hoagland after all, their senior foreign policy writer, who didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked him how he could have his head in the sand about the lies behind the "45-minute" claim.

You can email Hoagland and ask him why he, as a Beltway insider who works for a paper whose editors buried stories by its own reporters that called into question the administration's rationale for the war, is more concerned about Fitzgerald's effect on leakers than he is of a massive government run disinformation campaign and political retaliation effort.

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