Sunday :: Oct 23, 2005

Miers Looks Like Just Another Texas Politician

by Steve

“Harriet has built a reputation for fairness and integrity.”
--Bush, telling us about what passes for integrity in Texas

Remember that Clinton’s first two nominees for Attorney General were opposed by Orrin Hatch among others for failing to pay Social Security taxes on nannies, and that the GOP used millions of taxpayer dollars to investigate Whitewater, and made much about Hillary’s futures trading.

It now appears that aside from not paying her bar dues or tax liens, Miers now wants us to believe she is either incompetent about her control of her family's finances and oblivious about managing her law firm, or is just another Texas politician.

I know this type of behavior, screwing of the public, and conflicted interests are commonplace for politicians of both parties in Texas, a state that like Louisiana breeds politicians who see government as a tool to get rich. But that doesn’t mean these politicians should be given a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land, nor elected president for that matter.

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