Sunday :: Oct 30, 2005

Clinton Delivers Kick In The Butt To Beltway Democrats

by Steve

It looks like the Big Dog delivered a big kick in the ass to his own party, its congressional leadership, and the media yesterday when he was giving an address in Texas.

Democrats can't be afraid to talk about hot-button issues, including abortion, and should fight back against personal attacks from conservatives if they want to regain power in Washington, former President Bill Clinton said Saturday.
"You can't say, 'Please don't be mean to me. Please let me win sometimes.' Give me a break here," Clinton said. "If you don't want to fight for the future and you can't figure out how to beat these people then find something else to do."
Clinton, whose 2004 memoir "My Life" was a best seller, drew roaring applause during his speech from the several hundred people gathered in the Texas House chamber to kick off the 10th annual Texas Book Festival, an event started by first lady Laura Bush when her husband was governor.

And why do Republicans control Congress, according to Clinton? He says that Democrats need to not only pressure the media to do a better job of getting off their asses and stop being lazy, but Democrats need to also take a long look into the mirror for the answer.

Clinton attributed Republicans' control of Congress to Democratic candidates' inability or unwillingness to "stand up and be heard" on issues that matter to people. For example, he said, Democrats too often are unwilling to talk about abortion because they're afraid of virulent reactions from anti-abortion groups.
"So how come we can't talk about it?" he asked. "Because we basically let political ads turn every player in this drama into a two-dimensional cartoon instead of a three-dimensional person."
Clinton also criticized political reporters and authors for failing to use reason and common sense in their writing and failing to dig deeply into stories. Instead, he said, reporters let officials get away with saying things that aren't true so stories include comment from both sides.

Everything Clinton says is true, yet the problem is that there is no sustained pressure by the party upon the media to play it straight in its coverage. And for Clinton’s words to have effect, he would need to say these things directly to the Democratic caucuses in both the House and Senate, and their DCCC and DSCC campaign staff and consultants, and then keep shaming the congressional party leadership publicly as long as the timidity and “me-too” bullshit of the Beltway Democrats prevails. It isn’t a message that is at odds with those of us out here in blog-land.

The truth is that the right wing agenda isn’t popular with the electorate, but the GOP has been getting a free pass over the better part of the last decade because the Democratic Party has committed unilateral disarmament on the issues and treats Fox News like a legitimate news outlet instead of calling Fox for what it is; a right wing propaganda outlet masquerading as a news network.

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