Tuesday :: Nov 1, 2005

Congrats Eriposte - Left Coaster Mentioned On Larry King Live By Joe Wilson

by Steve

My congratulations to Eriposte for his ongoing series of investigative reports, and to Mary and our other editors for their ongoing coverage of the Plame case and the background behind the Administration’s efforts to smear Joseph Wilson and his wife, and in running a disinformation campaign to lead us into war.

Tonight, on Larry King Live on CNN, Ambassador Wilson was kind enough to mention this blog as well as Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo as two blogs that have investigated the source of the Niger forgeries:

KING: New York City, hello.
CALLER FROM NEW YORK CITY: Ambassador Wilson, any idea who forged the yellow cake documents and the motivation? These were not third rate forgeries.
WILSON: Well, actually Dr. ElBaradei said they were obvious forgeries and his deputy said that a two hour search on Google would have told even a novice forensic analyst that they were forgeries. So, they were not great forgeries, should not have fooled the intelligence community or the White House for that matter.
I don't -- there has been a series of articles published in the Italian magazine or the Italian newspaper "La Republica" just this week. Some of those articles have been (INAUDIBLE) in some American reporting.
There are a couple of web blogs, particularly Talking Points Memo and the Left Coaster that have also taken a good look and done a study into what they think some of the possible sources of the documents might have been.

Again, my thanks to Ambassador Wilson for his kind words, to Eriposte for his fine work here and to the rest of our editors, and lastly to you, our readers for keeping us part of your daily reading.

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