Wednesday :: Nov 2, 2005


by Duckman GR

We’ve all been waiting, some patiently, some not so, wondering, praying, begging, dancing around the bonfires, when things would start to turn to the left, when the gloves would finally come off.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, waiting for something cold and hard to point to and say "see, see that dammit?!? They’re the ones that are the traitors, they're the ones that are the crooks. Not all politicians do that. That's the legacy of Tricky Dick, a legacy left to the GOP, not the Democrats."

Libby's indictment, far more than tom delay's, is that event.

In chess, whoever controls the center wins. But you don't control the center by letting the other side occupy it, dominate it, use it for their own purposes. You fight for it, you attack it, you clog it up with bodies, force your opponent to either back down and cede control, go around the flank and lose the center, or break on the ranks of your own forces.

So how does the Left attack the center?

Not by becoming them, that leads to stalemate, and we can't afford that. No, by breaking down their defenses, by exposing the lies and corruption.

Senate Minority Leader Reid laid it out in bold, straightforward, honest terms. Read it, it's really breathtaking in its damning clarity.

"The Libby indictment provides a window into what this is really about: how the Administration manufactured and manipulated intelligence in order to sell the war in Iraq and attempted to destroy those who dared to challenge its actions."

People can see the rottenness at the bushies core.

People aren't stupid; they are, however, too busy working too many hours, too busy trying to do everything themselves in this world from bushco's febrile imagination, too busy getting lied to and mis-informed by politicians and the press to pay attention. But they can see the truth, hence bush's lovely non-approval ratings. They aren't a coincidence, that and sinking consumer confidence, they're reality.

So now we pound the center, peel off some of the goppers supporters, force the issue, put these greedy, murdering bastards under pressure and listen to them whine (frist). And was Harriet Meirs just the best and stupidest thing bush could have done, or what? It simply made no sense, still doesn't. What was she, a bone to women, to be snatched away by the frothing fundies? A bone to bi-partisanship, to be dashed on the rocks of Democratic intransigence?

Capitulation to the religious right is not going to control the center. Making it personal like frist did, forgetting the personal affront he gave to Tom Daschle, and forgetting the backlash when fat newtie whined about The Big Dog pushing his sorry butt out the back of the plane, isn’t going to hold the center either.

Pressure, that’s what we need. Exposure. Pressure on the media, letters to your papers, to NPR, to the NYT Public Editor, to your favorite writers at the NYT. There’s a gap in bushco’s ranks, and bush is pushing it farther apart. We need to get behind him this one time and push too.

Hammer the center, show the good people of this country what lying syphilitic pricks these creatures are, whatever it takes. Go to their townhall meetings and mock them, Freeway Blogger their districts, vote down arnold schwarzennonfrude’s proposititions, support Donna Frye for Mayor, Francine Busby for cunninghams congressional seat, send Ronnie Earle love notes, send bill frist pictures of cats living free and easy.

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