Saturday :: Nov 5, 2005

Good Elephant Versus Bad Elephant

by pessimist

For a Blue State, sometimes one has to wonder where all of California's Democrats are.

For example, I found this L.A. Times article on Der Governator's difficulties in promoting his Red State Conversion Project (more commonly known as Propositions 73-78). It isn't surprising me very much that Arnold is terminating his term by expending all of the political capital he has on this last-ditch effort to show the Republican National Committee that he deserves a Constitutional Amendment to allow him to become Der Presidentator. That's a given.

But what did surprise me is that the L.A. Times is using only Republicans as 'expert' commentators on both sides - and in the middle - of these issues.

While some political analysts contend that the governor's strategy has backfired, Todd Harris, a spokesman for the Schwarzenegger campaign, defended the governor's tactics as sound.

Republican political consultant Dan Schnur, who is close to the Schwarzenegger administration, also said the TV forums were a good idea, but deficient in two respects: They came late in the game — after public opinion about Schwarzenegger's agenda had already hardened — and the governor refused to debate his opponents directly.

Arnold Steinberg, a Republican consultant who has periodically been critical of the governor, predicted defeat for Schwarzenegger's agenda. He said the governor never gave a clear rationale for staging an election outside the normal cycle. "It's $40 million down the toilet," Steinberg said, citing the election's cost to taxpayers. "He's worse off now than if he hadn't held a special election."

For being a part of the So-Called Liberal Media, wouldn't one expect that a liberal be presented somewhere within this field crowded with conservatives? Just to show 'balance', the L.A. Times strove mightily to locate someone to whom they could point to as being on the other side of the political spectrum.

They failed miserably:

Frank Robinson, 75, the helicopter company owner who took Schwarzenegger around his plant, said he is a longtime registered Democrat but believes the governor's initiatives "sound pretty reasonable".

I happen to be a charter member of the Reform Party of California. Does this qualify me to speak on behalf of the Reform Party?

The L.A. Times, if they truly aspire to presenting balanced news (and I'm not holding my breath waiting for that announcement from them), can do better than this.

Just another example of how the SCLM is anything but.

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