Monday :: Nov 7, 2005

55% Want Democrats To Control Congress After 2006

by Steve

As a follow-up to my earlier post on the need for Democrats to shake off their shackles of caution and self-doubt, and fire shots directly at Bush on the issue of lying to Congress in March 2003, we see that in a generic ballot question, the ABC News/Washington Post poll gives Democrats a 16-point advantage in preference a year out.

On a different question aside from who the respondent would vote for next year (the Democrat or GOP candidate), 55% of those polled wanted the Democrats in charge of Congress for the final two years of Bush's term. thereby indicating that respondents want to see some accountability and the return of checks and balances, and have had enough of one-party control of the government. An 18-point advantage like this a year out should not only demonstrate to Democrats that it is OK to come out and go after the Administration, but also speaks volumes about the credibility of our trolls who claim that voters want the GOP to stay in control.

Now, if the Democrats would just start acting like leaders, we would have the makings of something big. There is a whole country out there waiting to be led away from the Bush Administration.

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