Thursday :: Nov 24, 2005

Open Thread - Holiday Edition

by pessimist
'Tis the Day of Thanksgiving, and all through the land The people are thinking of the dinner that's planned

The turkey all roasted and stuffed to the gills To serve to relations and stay in their wills

The children were settled, controllers in hand, To play with the Xbox that cost 'most a grand

The Dame in her kitchen, the Master nearby Discussing the future and wondering why

Republicans hadn't completed their plan Of crashing the borders of some new Oil-istan

And cashing in pensions for CEO perks And sending the jobs to some new foreign works

When out of the Gulf there arose such a wind That even the Red Staters knew they had sinned,

Abandoning people who could have been saved While FEMA's director unceasingly raved

About where he'd eat, and where he might stay While Katrina did blow all the cover away

So people could see that incompetence played And Bu$hCo designs were all disarrayed

With Scooter indicted for what he revealed, And the Hammer was too for all that he stealed,

Ohio investigates the latest vote - It's all so much diff'rent since George read Pet Goat!

The people are not staying inside of the lines - They really remember that they still have minds!

And noticing things are not as they did seem - All that it took was the 'Merican Dream

Being sacrificed loudly to save what remained Of profits and other cash assets undrained

From the coffers of companies who 'need' to layoff To hang on to losers who might just run off

To other employment that pays so much more Without whom they still might be running a store!

And people could still live American Dream - It's all so frustrating I just want to scream!

I'm hoping 'gainst hope, as the tide laps the shore, That this next year the GOP runs things no more,

And sanity once again lives in this land, No more to allow greed to get out of hand.

In between quarters, you might give some thought To something besides the new toy that you bought.

This big holiday in the land of the Yanks - For what do you have to reveal giving thanks?

[Major apologies to Clement Clarke Moore!]

Your Turn!

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