Thursday :: Dec 1, 2005

Unprincipled Democrats

by Duckman GR

Easy Muck, don't bust a vessel. I mean a specific one.

Susan Kennedy.

The governators right hand woman.

Because that's what we need in this state, somebody to help arnold recover from his disasterous referendumb last month. Yessiree, give that man a hand, don't give him an anvil, coz he's a really nice fellow, just ask the teachers and nurses and firefighters.

Nothing warms the heart like a Democrat "willing to set her Democratic philosophy aside and do the job and do my vision...," Schwarzenegger said.

Yes, I admire such people of principle. Because the schwarzengger admin has been so good for the state, it's wonderful to do what you can to give him the chance to get re-elected and appoint more gopper thugs to state panels and commissions, more corporatist tools to push for less regulation and more pollution, oil drilling off the coast, more PUC gouging of the public, why, the list goes on and on.

Maybe, given four more years he could get through a redistricting that takes away seats from Democrats in Congress and prevents Leader Pelosi from becoming Speaker just in time for the bush/cheney impeachment convictions. That would be a good principle to set aside, right Susan?

Among her other lights, She also played a key role in the response to the energy crisis, and we know that worked out real well.

Sometimes my party defies me. Do they really think that working with this guy has an upside? Like Russia's alliance with Serbia, all you get is dragged into their misery. It's like trading for Kevin Brown, a broken down injury prone pitcher, you spend more time fixing him up then you do getting 7 good innings.

The righties are all a frothin over this, but so what, they have nothing, nothing except this broken down body builder. arnold has no base, he has no vision, no priority, nothing. He's an empty suit doing the bidding of big gop money, yet deluded fools like Ms. Kennedy repeatedly bail democracypaths like him out. The Dems should be running all over this guy, not helping him out.

We just want to make things better, policy over politics, do the right thing, yammer yammer bleat bleat.

There's a time and place for both, now is the time for politics, not policy, as if policies stand a chance while the gop is destroying our Constitution, our Rights, our Freedoms.

This is the only war we're fighting, a war for the soul of this nation. There's a cancer devouring the body, we've got one tumor on the ropes, and what do we do, Susan? Nuke it? Cut it out? Why no, we feed it and nurture it, of course!

Thanks, Susan, well done. But listen, Susan, could you do me a favor?

Just join the GOP, would ya, since your principles are so easily set aside, you're no Democrat, and you certainly aren't doing us any favors. You like arnold so much, you've got no principles to stand on, why heck, you are a republican, so make it official, would you, and stop sucking the life out of my party already.

Until the bushists are gone, there's no compromise with the gop, there is no gop or republicans, in truth, their just fascist corportists with no morals or redeeming qualities, unless you're into greed and immaturity, that is.

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