Friday :: Dec 9, 2005

Clemency and Orange County

by Marie

Tuesday’s special election for Cox’s seat in the House reconfirms that southwest Orange County is home to rich, white racists. The GOP winner took 45% of the vote. That is approval for the policies of GWB. Another 25% went with the latest reincarnation of George Wallace’s party. (Guess that 25% don’t have their houses cleaned and lawns tended by all those cheap illegal immigrants.) Only 28% voted for the Democratic nominee. (That might explain why I felt like a fish out of water for the couple of years that I lived there.) Tom Delay will lose his seat long before this District in Orange County elects anything but a GOP. As such, Democrats and the Democratic Party shouldn’t waste a penny on this District race next year.

Will Ahnuld grant Williams clemency? Except for being staunchly opposed to the death penalty, I have no interest in Williams. Don’t care if he was fairly convicted or if he has been rehabilitated. If he didn’t kill someone himself, he is no less guilty of murder and other unspeakable acts than Saddam is. As he will never leave prison alive, and therefore, poses no threat to the public, it doesn’t matter if he has been rehabilitated. (I’ll leave it to bigger bleeding hearts than mine to make the case that he will do good in the world from his prison cell.) But what does Ahnuld care about?

Unlike me, he is not opposed to capital punishment. But he does care about his constituencies. One is those rich white folks in S/W Orange County. Another is Hollywood. It’s not a humanitarian question for Ahnuld. It’s strictly political. If Williams lives, Ahnuld’s political career dies. If Williams dies, Ahnuld’s political future remains on life support. (My guess is that if Ahnuld grants clemency, he's already decided not to run again.)

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