Monday :: Dec 12, 2005

A More Sober Assessment By Bush Today On Iraq

by Steve

Bush gave his third speech today, in his series of speeches on staying the course in Iraq. This week, Bush actually gave a relatively sober speech about the challenges ahead and how important this week’s election is for Iraq’s future. The speech comes amidst some hopeful signs that the Sunnis will participate in large numbers this time, seeking political power that can mitigate the power of the insurgency.

The debates about how we got to this point are relevant, but it is also important that this week’s elections go off as well as possible. A political victory is necessary in Iraq, and anything that can give the Sunnis a reason to work inside the system instead of trying to undermine it will make our efforts over there successful enough to bring our troops home. The Iraqi people have suffered so much in their lives that the fighting going on now hasn’t dampened their assessments of their personal situation. A new poll shows that even with the bombings and other attacks, Iraqis are generally upbeat about their lives and their futures, even if they are less sunny about the country’s future. Less than half of those polled feel they are better off now than they were when Hussein was in charge, but it also appears that Iraqis are taking a long view.

A successful election this week and unified calls from both Shiites and an empowered Sunni minority for us to begin leaving over the next 12 months will not only hurt the insurgency and add to the optimism in the country, but also undermine the plans of those in this administration to stay there forever.

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