Tuesday :: Dec 20, 2005

King George Holds Court

by Marie

A new kind of enemy. Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. The reason why Bu$hCo has to fight them in secrecy. Americans must trust Bu$hCo; trust that secret Bu$hCo operations are necessary to fight the enemy, protect Americans from the enemy and preserve the civil liberties of Americans.

He took the opportunity to once again assert that “everybody thought that Saddam had WMD.” “Everybody was wrong.” Excuse me if I tend to see red every time Bush/Cheney/Rummy/Condi repeat this. There were plenty of people in this country and abroad that didn’t think that at all, and they damn well know that. And if this was such a universal conclusion, then why did Bu$hCo have to cherry-pick what was released to Congress and the people to “make their case” for war?

He threw down the gauntlet and challenged Senators from New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas (who knew that cities elect Senators?) to defy him by not renewing the Patriot Act (guess nobody has explained to him that only a few provisions in the Patriot Act will expire).

Don’t overlook his comment on Social Security “private accounts.” And it was worked into his response to the question of his commitment on equality for African Americans. Anyone that thinks that Bu$hCo has given up on destroying Social Security, misunderestimates GWB’s resolve to dismantle the New Deal.

Lots about “connecting the dots.” How nobody including the Clinton Administration had “connected the dots” before 9/11. GWB couldn’t connect two dots to save his life, but that didn’t stop him from claiming that Bu$hCo has correctly connected thousands of dots since 9/11. (Well, except for the ones about Iraq that has this country bogged down in a war there.) These bozos couldn’t see a hurricane as large as Katrina getting ready to slam into the Gulf Coasts or the tens of thousands of stranded people and devastation caused by Katrina for days afterward. And they’re going to protect us from an enemy that is everywhere but nowhere to be seen? Sigh -- way too many Americans are just stupid enough to keep buying that for another sixty years.

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