Wednesday :: Dec 21, 2005

Troll Update

by Steve

Some information for the Left Coaster regulars on our trolls.

First, after seeing troll “no bull” make a fool of him/herself over the last couple of days, someone from the same IP address has taken to spamming this site with silly comments today about leeches. In response, I am deleting all comments made on this site by “no bull” as I don’t want to pay for bandwidth for a troll like this.

Second, our recent troll “SSDD”, who has taken to challenging God of War and other commenters here, is actually posting under an IP address used in the past by “Centrist”, “War Dog”, and “Right Coaster”. Again, I am not interested in paying for the bandwidth for someone who doesn't have the courage to maintain an identity, so I am deleting those comments from this site.

All of our editors here retain the right to do similarly.

I am sure that both of these losers will come back aboard under different names or IP addresses, but until Mary and I decide to pull the trigger on making commenters register here, I am taking these actions and will do so with other trolls as I see fit.

Sorry, and now back to your usual suspicions about the trolls that pop up here suddenly.

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