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Judging All The Way To The Poorhouse

by pessimist

Did you know that the courts are in sad shape? No, not politically filled with 'conservative' activists! I'm talking destitute! Hiz (di$)Honor Chief Justice John Robert$ says so himself!

Roberts Wants Raises for Federal Judges

In his first year-end assessment of the federal judiciary, Chief Justice John Roberts urged Congress to increase judicial pay to help keep good judges on the bench and to recruit new ones, [and] warned Congress that judges' pay is an issue that is driving them off the bench and deterring qualified lawyers from throwing their names into consideration for judgeships. "A strong and independent judiciary is not something that, once established, maintains itself," Roberts wrote. "If Congress gave judges a raise of 30 percent tomorrow, judges would -- after adjusting for inflation -- be making about what judges made in 1969."

But your own report indicates that you already aren't earning your money - as if we had to surmise that!

The year-end report showed that the Supreme Court's docket continues to decrease while federal courts across the nation are experiencing record increases.

It isn't like there is no work for judges, Johnny-boy!

Frequent matters such as taxes and healthcare crop up among the new measures, as do steps to improve elections and to enforce ethical behavior among politicians. Newer issues are being raised, as well, including an Illinois law that targets human trafficking. New Jersey and Virginia will bar making public a Social Security number; Minnesota will require businesses that hold such information to notify clients quickly if there is a breach of security. Michigan will now demand background checks of just about anyone working at schools, and will ban convicted sex offenders from living or working within 1,000 feet of a school, or being in the vicinity.

In addition, legislatures sought ways to improve safety on the highways, demanding seat belt use in taxis and shuttle vans in Oregon, requiring slower motorists in the left lane to move to the right in Florida. In Tennessee, authorities are trying to discourage drunk driving by requiring that offenders help clean up state highways while wearing vests emblazoned with the phrase ''I am a Drunk Driver" in 4-inch lettering.

All those exhausting little cases about law to settle! It's enough to make you ill - BUT DON'T YOU GET SICK!

Healthcare, too, continued to challenge legislatures. In Missouri, a state prescription drug was created for lower-income senior citizens, to pick up costs that are not covered by the new federal Medicare prescription plan. In Nevada, insurance companies are now required to cover cancer patients participating in the earliest phase of clinical trials. Wisconsin lawmakers expanded the state's healthcare program for the working poor to provide prenatal care and delivery services to illegal immigrants and inmates.

However, Wisconsin's example of providing medical care to illegals isn't shared by everyone:

Complaints about illegal immigrants spurred a new Virginia law that will make such people ineligible for state or local benefits such as welfare or healthcare. Some illegal aliens, however, could still receive benefits from Medicaid, the federal-state health care program.

Considering that both business and government are dumping all the costs for benefits on to the people that they can, why should adjudication not al$o join that $orry li$t? Think about this, Johnny-boy! Pay-per-review! You'll make million$ for the court$ if the people have to pay for justice! And, as an extra added bonu$, since so few people can afford to carry their own legal co$t$, You'll be gettin' money for nothin'! Just like Unka Dickie's Halliburton!

You certainly aren't going to be getting much financial help from state governments:

Oklahoma cut taxes for nearly everyone, and New York cut them for those making more than $150,000 a year. Florida cut taxes on stocks and bonds. Nevada gave a tax break to property owners, while West Virginia lowered its tax on food from 6 cents per dollar to 5 cents.

Some of the people 'frivolously' challenging these laws will have deep pocket$, Johnny-boy! For instance:

Florida is taking steps to limit the influence of lobbyists, barring them from paying for any food, alcohol or gifts for lawmakers and other state and local officials. The state also is adding reporting requirements for lobbyists. Still, legislators left a loophole in the law, dropping language that would have barred lobbyists from giving money to political parties so that they could, in turn, use the funds to pay for lawmakers' food and drink.

As a Republican, Johnny-boy, I'm sure you are aware that the pocket$ of lobbyists are VERY deep - and full of the green stuff you seek!

But you needn't just play the political side of the fence for funding, Johnny-boy! What about ca$h-flu$h celebrities seeking 'ju$tice'?

In California, paparazzi -- photographers who chase celebrities for lucrative snapshots -- could be hit with hefty civil penalties if they commit assaults. Victims can seek punitive damages and income earned from the pictures involved. An episode in which police said that the actress Lindsay Lohan's car was rammed by a photographer's van was said to have led to the law.

Then there are the emotional issues that open up bleeding-heart liberal purses, Johnny-boy! Things like 'human rights' or 'discrimination' are always good for a Hollywood fundraiser or two every week!

Human trafficking, though already a federal crime, is being outlawed in Illinois. A state law would ensure the practice is prosecuted even if federal authorities don't have the time or resources, said state Senator John Cullerton, a Democrat. "It's horrible to think that human beings can use other human beings in this way," said Jennifer Cacciapaglia, assistant city attorney in Rockford, Ill. She said investigators found evidence that Asian women and girls were probably smuggled into the country for prostitution and lived in brothels operating as health spas in her area.

And in Missouri, complaints about homeowners' associations overly broad powers brought a law that requires associations to delete 'restrictive covenant' policies that discriminate by race or religion. There had been accusations that such language remained in the laws of some associations in the Kansas City area.

And you really want to limit the cases to those who can pay, so you won't be dealing with issues like this any more:

Bankruptcy filings skyrocketed to nearly 1.8 million, largely because of the rush to beat a new law that went into effect this year that limits such cases.

And what of those miscreants already convicted? Can they pay?

Filings in the appellate courts rose 9 percent to an all-time high of more than 68,000 in 2005. Roberts said the numbers would have been higher if Hurricane Katrina hadn't disrupted operations at the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Court of Appeals in September.

So let's get on the ball, take up the cause that your predecessor left you, and find a way to make being a judge so lucrative that the high rate of judicial retirements gets turned around! How many judges would change their plans due to being able to make more as a judge than as a lobbyist or a corporate lawyer?

Also, keeping Sandy in her seat will save Hizz Hindni$$ from having to squander more of his political capital on Alito - and leave him in a position to send you more billable hours!

After all - didn't you write: "In order to preserve the independence of our courts, we must ensure that the judiciary is provided the tools to do the job"?

What more tool would a 'conservative' like yourself need to do the job expected of you than ca$h?

Ca$h is all you need!

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