Thursday :: Jan 5, 2006

Arnold Gave A Good Speech

by pessimist

I have to admit it - Der Governator seems to really have heard the message of moderation as he claims.

Governor Schwarzenegger just gave his State of the State speech, and I have to say that on a strategic level, I have to agree with his proposals. Everything he presented was clearly based on the condition of vital state services and facilities, and seems to have some focus on the real needs of the people. He did say that he was intending to work with his opposition, and from the language of his speech, he really is walking his talk.

Now, the proof is in the pudding is in the eating [via melonhead]. The details of the worthy proposals Arnold offered will emerge once his budget proposals are submitted next week. That will demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt whether Arnold really heard the voice of the people and will deal with their needs, or if he's just falling beck on his previous emploment experience and delivering the same old same old.

What were your impressions?

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