Wednesday :: Jan 11, 2006

Alito Hearings Day 3 Pat Leahy

by Duckman GR

Pat Leahy just threw down some kind of gauntlet at the start of today's hearings. Sen. Specter had just gaveled the hearing, said they were going to finish their 30 minute round, then move on to the 20 minute round, expecting a long day, hoping to get done soon, pointed to Sen. Durbin for his 30 minutes, when the good Senator from Vermont asked for a moment before Durbin's 30 minutes began.

And said that Alito's answers to questions left many unanswered. On Privacy Rights, on Vanguard Recusal, on Unitary Theory of Government, on CAPPS(?) Leahy said these questions need answering, need resolution, and the Democrats were determined to get answers, implying that time was not an issue.

He praised the Chair, who in turn seemed a bit nonplussed and then stumbled over to Sen. Durbin.

Could be an interesting day today.

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