Wednesday :: Jan 11, 2006

Yahoo On That Yahoo Alito

by pessimist

The YAHOO staff is editorializing on the confirmation of Samuel Alito. The emphases are added:

Alito disclaims an agenda, but would he protect rights?

Samuel Alito, up for confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, is at pains to counter the caricature that he is a conservative crusader bent on overturning abortion rights and giving unfettered power to the executive branch.

Alito has long been a darling of conservative legal scholars and anti-abortion activists. His lengthy paper trail and conservative leanings have fed suspicions that he would indeed bring an ideological agenda to the high court.

[W]ithout stronger affirmations of threatened rights, his overall suitability for this pivotal position on the Supreme Court remains very much in question.

I've been listening to the hearings, and I am dismayed that the Democrats seem to not be up to the challenges that they have an obligation to face. I don't hear anything from them that would make anyone who is unsure of Alito settle on one side or the other. At the least, they should offset the butt-bussing that is coming from the other side of the aisle.

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