Friday :: Jan 13, 2006


by Marie

Listening to a few hours of the latest Senate confirmation hearings of a nominee to the Supreme Court is surely beyond the duties of citizens of this country. Cornyn spent time trying to demonstrate that Alito’s juridical philosophy is similar to Sandra Day O’Conner’s. Then Coburn spent time arguing that there is no Constitutional requirement that a new Justice be similar to the one he/she is replacing. The rest of the Republicans gave speeches designed to give Alito cover or to minimize damaging points made when Democrats questioned Alito. Rope-a-dope shadow boxing is both boring and insulting to this citizen.

Thus, the details of Alito’s hearings weren’t worth listening to. Except for one term that illuminates the whole mental construct embraced by rightwing “intellectuals.” “Unitary Executive.” Ignoring all of Alito’s minor quibbling about the term, it essentially embraces the notion that the POTUS is all powerful. It’s the old alpha male theory of government and human relations. It matters not a whit to these dimwits that that was exactly what our Constitution was designed to prevent. It matters not to them that they would invest such power in an obvious senile man or an obvious sniveling idiot. And seems to completely escape them that they essentially embrace dictators and dictatorships.

It’s as if all these guys, at an impressionable age, jacked off to an Ayn Rand book. Identified with one of her cardboard cut-out heroes. Rand’s books are dreck - a mid-Twentieth Century form of soft-porn. Artistically and philosophically as sophisticated as a romance novel, and psychologically less complicated than romance novels. The basic structure of all soft-porn is that men are powerful and women are submissive, but romance novels mask that with the primary focus on love. Male soft-porn doesn’t bother with romance except as foreplay for power.

That mental scheme or construct (or frame to use Lakoff‘s terminology) is a potent unifying force for all the opinions of Alito and positions of the Neo-Cons. If the State (substitute supreme male hero) is searching for drugs, it’s “reasonable” that a women and ten year old girl found in the presence of a suspected drug dealer, should be strip-searched without a warrant. The State can control the bodies of women (Alito in ‘85 (never modified) - Roe unconstitutional). A wife must submit to her husband (Casey). People abused by authorities have no legal cause of action. Women, minorities and gays should not attend Princeton (Concerned Alumni of Princeton - CAP). (And Alito is a liar - nobody lists memberships on a job application that they can’t later recall, and it’s not credible that Alito would be the only Princeton alumnus that didn’t know the CAP mission.) Would promote the POTUS signing statement that tells the Congress to “fuck off.” That isn’t bound by commitments made under oath to the Senate (and I’m still unclear why every judge is required to recuse himself from any case in which he has a financial or personal interest in one of the parties). And a good wife is a wife that stages a crying jag on cue. (It was pathetic that this country couldn’t see through a B-movie actor like Reagan, but how can they buy the theater staged by Bu$hCo for the past five years? It’s so obviously phony that a five year old should be capable of rolling her eyes and saying, “Give me a break.”)

Why is it that men seem to think that sucking up to more powerful men makes them look potent or manly? To many women it not only makes them look ridiculous but also suggests that they have serious sexual identity issues (note: I’m not talking about sexual identity). Orin Hatch and Lindsay Graham, to name only two? Couldn’t look less heterosexual if they appeared in drag at Senate hearings. The current GOP is scary on many levels, but one of the scariest is the large number of closeted gays that lurk among them. Psychologically, these are the successors to Roy Cohn and J. Edgar Hoover, regardless of whether or not they are homosexual. They get off on peering into the personal lives of their adversaries and will use any fact or fiction they can sell to slay their enemies and marginalize anyone else that isn’t a white male. All in the service of power and the elevation of men that some of them secretly want to fuck and all of them publicly want to look like as they try to roll back the clock to a 1953 that never existed.

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