Wednesday :: Jan 18, 2006

Speedin' Back To George

by pessimist

Thanks to NBC Network News, I think I understand why Red Staters are so resolute in backing King George in spite of all the evidence that he dosn't deserve it: they are speeding their brains out.

George W. Bush won some of his biggest and most decisive margins among rural and small-town voters.

Overwhelming support in rural counties for Bu$h helped him carry 17 so-called "battleground" states in 2000.

The drug is manufactured mainly in home labs in rural areas of the country. The problem appears to be particularly acute in the Midwest, where meth's path of destruction in rural communities is well documented. According to the Illinois State Police, there were 90 meth lab seizures in Madison County in 2003, which ranked first in the state. Madison County maintains a balance of being rural and urban explains why it has been a hub of meth production in recent years.

That's nothin'! Check these stats out:

This year, local, state and federal agencies seized 385 labs in Alabama, and of these, 25 had children living at the lab’s location. These numbers are among some of the highest in the southeastern United States, with Georgia having 261, Mississippi with 267 and Virginia with only 75 labs seized.

Sullivan County [TN] hasn’t seen as many meth cases as other, more rural areas such as the counties along the Cumberland Plateau, "but it’s just as dangerous here as it is anywhere else," Wells said.

So why aren't these poor people getting help? They try:

As far as Blue Valley Mental Health Associate Director Jon Day knows, the Nebraska City program is the first of its kind in the state. “It’s the only meth treatment program that we’re aware of in the rural communities,” Day said. “They have it in Lincoln, they have it in Omaha, but they don’t have it in the rural communities.”

The demand is great while the supply is slim. The NAC survey reported that in Nebraska about 10 percent of all emergency room visits were related to methamphetamine.

So why do I think that Red Staters are Mindless Meth Men? Check out the Drug Policy Information Clearinghouse, paid functionaries of the Bu$h White (powder) House:

[M]ethamphetamine abuse can lead to psychotic behavior including intense paranoia ['Them Terrists is out there!'], visual and auditory hallucinations ['Liberal professors is propagansizing owwer deefenssliss conservative students!'], and out-of-control rages that can result in violent episodes.

Like these?

You guys are pathetic hypocrits, plain and simple. You are angry that some students are going to "monitor" their professors. [W]hy do you care that anyone wants to know what students think? How does it affect you? Obviously it's about more than the profs names.... No, that's not being a bully. [O]verwrought emotion is not reasoned argument. [Y]ou are very confused. It takes very little to reduce most liberals to that. Actually, that's a mistatement. You should be ashamed.I hate to use the word fools, but I can imagine no other. And to be honest, I'm disappointed with several of you for continuing the diatribe. I'm beginning to think this group of idiots are nothing more than some high school sophomore class' attempt at fun. As I said earlier, you are pathetic, plain pathetic. Pearls before swine, pearls before swine. That's flipping you off. Do as I say, not as I do. Thats one way you HATE AMERICA. I hate the content of your SPEECH. The webmaster that runs this website would be taken off for treason for his siding with the enemies successes in Iraq. He is so full of S@#T that there is no room for anything more. Pathetic, plain Pathetic. I'd almost call this giving aid to the enemy. I hate what you guys say, I deplore most of your insanities. I think the mere fact that Soto (sic) has reported this man's story, is in and of itself wrong, therefore, should be SHUT DOWN for attempting to intimidate Free Speech..... Sad, so very sad. Shame on you all for being so friggin blind and unwilling to admit it. Soto was wrong about the earlier support of terrorists, and he is wrong now.... Even muslims in Kuwait would probably agree. As usual Pessimist has created a post that is heavy on 'heavy breathing' and light on the real data. Still pathetic attempts at trying to paint your "leeder" as you guys say, with some small amount of credibility. You guys are rats on a sinking ship, but the point is, you refuse to acknowledge its sinking. Plain as day, and yet you do not see the light. Soto was doing exactly that which he found repugnant, and you all jumped on board....

You get the idea.

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