Friday :: Jan 20, 2006

OBL to the Rescue, Again

by Marie

Isn’t it interesting how he pops up at such politically opportune times for GWB? Last time on election eve 2004. With his approval ratings down at 38%, the GOP corruption and WH spying on Americans scandals gaining steam and the Medicare drug benefit turning into a disaster, isn’t it just too convenient that OBL surfaces. Deflects attention away from all those thorny problems for GWB and give Bush renewed talking points to reinforce his handling of his wars -- sometimes it’s two, Iraq and Terrorism and sometimes it’s all one humungous struggle without end.

If OBL wasn’t so good at propping up GWB, Bu$hCo would have had to invent him.

It hasn’t escaped notice in the Muslim world that the US effort to capture OBL hasn’t been all that robust. It has led many of them to conclude that for some reason Bush doesn’t want to nab OBL. Of course US terrorism analysts and academicians write that conclusion off as a “conspiracy theory.”

What those analysts can’t explain is the rationale for how Bu$hCo handled the OBL problem. GWB announcing for a couple of months that “we know who you are, where you live and we’re gonna come and get you” before the military action began wasn’t the most brilliant tactical move. Yet, we’re supposed to believe that our forces almost got OBL, would have gotten him if not for the geography of the region. Nobody seems to ask why if he’s so brilliant that he would have remained in Kandahar until the fighting began. Someone that failed to notice a multi-national armed force being assembled against him or expected that they would be a match for the air and ground power of the US and her allies would have hunkered down in Kandahar, but that person would be considered not “brilliant” but suicidal.

If OBL is half as dangerous as Bu$Co claims that he is, why were so few US forces sent into Afghanistan? Why was the route from Kandahar to the mountains of western Pakistan not closed? Why was there any escape route out of Kandahar? Then again, weren’t Americans primed for not capturing OBL before the operation began? Weren’t we told that the network of caves in those mountains was extensive and large enough to hide anything, suggesting, if not explicitly stating, that WMD could be there? Why were military resources yanked from the theater in Afghanistan after only a few months and in preparation for an invasion of Iraq that wouldn’t take place for another year?

OBL wouldn’t need to be a GOP asset for Bu$hCo to know how to make use of him. There is no reason for me not to believe that OBL would very much like to destroy the west and the forces of liberalism. I don’t doubt that some of his lieutenants have successfully bombed some sites. Or that he didn’t inspire the suicide bombers that have been attributed to al Qaeda. We also know that OBL and al Qaeda derive propaganda advantages from taking credit for these strikes. It’s too their advantage to take credit for as many as possible, particularly when nobody can dispute their claim.

How easy would it be to pull off a fake al Qaeda hit? One that OBL would take credit for? Anyone with a messianic complex like OBL always overrates his/her power and therefore, easily believes that he did the deed. How easy would it be to have planted someone in AQ back in the late 1990's, particularly if he arrived with money and plans to attack the west?

I don't know what the truth in all of this is -- there aren't enough dots available to average people like me to construct the "real story." However, I find it ludicrous to believe that OBL and his weird little gang holed up in Afghanistan planned and executed 9/11 all on their own. I wouldn't even be surprised to discover that they had nothing to do with it. It's going to be a long time before we get to the bottom of this.

In the meantime, aren't we past the expiration date on this boogieman OBL?

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