Saturday :: Jan 21, 2006

New York Times Reconsiders Policy Change

by larre

As once upon a time Wall Street Journal editor, and lifelong conservative, Paul Craig Roberts noted earlier this week, "Former vice president Al Gore gave what I believe to be the most important political speech in my lifetime, and the New York Times, 'the newspaper of record,' did not report it. Not even excerpts."

Gore's speech, as you know, comprehensively addressed very serious issues of American constitutional history, presidential crimes, congressional timidity and corruption, and the complicity of the mass media in the debasement of American democracy.

I took the Times' decision to ignore Mr. Gore's seminal speech as a sure sign that the newspaper had decided to adopt some new policy. Maybe it had decided to close down the Times' Washington D.C. Bureau ..... Or, maybe it had elected to ignore national politics altogether.

Possibly, I thought, the Times had decided to leave all news about constitutional crises in America to the law reviews, or perhaps it felt that allegations of presidential crimes were not 'fit to print' and better belong in the tabloid pages.

Thank goodness, it seems I was wrong. Today, the New York Times reversed whatever its new policy had been and decided to cover those subjects, after all. The paper's editors resumed normally biased journalism with Adam Nagourney's loving portrait of Karl Rove's proposed campaign strategy for the G.O.P., delivered in a downtown D.C. hotel.

[Addendum: Our own pessimist has more about this]

Sure, it wasn't Constitution Hall. But the Times' coverage makes sense, doesn't it? After all, in the year 2000 didn't almost as many Americans vote for Karl Rove as Al Gore?

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