Monday :: Jan 23, 2006

Bush Hasn't Only Been Good For Al Qaeda, He's Been Good For Democrats Also

by Steve

Looks like George W. Bush has been good for the Democratic Party. Who says so?


An analysis of Gallup Poll data from 2005 shows that the Democratic Party made gains in party identification among the American public. The year marked new lows in President George W. Bush's job approval ratings amid difficulties in Iraq, high gas prices, and criticisms of the government response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Democrats made gains in party identification on the national level and more U.S. states had Democratic leanings in 2005 than any time in the last four years.
Additionally, the number of states where the Democrats hold an edge in partisan identification grew last year for the second year in a row. Twenty-eight states plus the District of Columbia now have a Democratic advantage in party identification of more than three percentage points, while 14 have Republican advantages, and six can be considered competitive (Gallup does not normally interview in Alaska and Hawaii).

But note that after four years of Bush and his war of choice in Iraq, there are cracks in the GOP’s southern base. And remember, this is Gallup talking.

Most Western and Plains states are in the Republican column, though there are some exceptions, such as Montana, which is competitive, and Nevada, which is Democratic. Five of the six competitive states are in the South -- North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Tennessee was evenly balanced between Republican and Democratic sympathizers. Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky are three Southern states with Democratic advantages, while Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas are Republican states in the South.
North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma are considered competitive, and Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky have a Democratic advantage?

Yeah, well so much for a GOP realignment.

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