Thursday :: Jan 26, 2006

Senator Jeffords Recognizes His Responsibility

by pessimist

Democratic Leader Harry Reid won't support a filibuster:

"There's been adequate time for people to debate," Reid said.

Contrast that lame surrender argument with the principled position of retiring independent Senator James Jeffords:

"While others will disagree with my assessment of Judge Alito, this will be a lifetime appointment and a lifetime is too long to be wrong," Jeffords said.

"While Judge Alito is clearly qualified and capable of serving on the high court, I believe our country would be ill-served by his judicial philosophy at this critical point in time," the senator said in a statement issued by his office.

Alito "would grant too much authority to one branch of government at the expense of the others," Jeffords said.

"There are limits on the power of the presidency, and Judge Alito, in my view, has not demonstrated the needed respect for those limits."

Ah, Senator, if only we had forty more like you!

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