Thursday :: Jan 26, 2006

Landrieu, Ed Shultz, Democrats

by Duckman GR

Big Eddie was talking to Sen. Landrieu today, and she talked about Katrina and reconstruction, and how fema and bush weren't helping much. Then Ed asked her about Alito.

As Steve mentioned earlier, she didn't want a filibuster to get in the way of helping out Louisiana.

But, Senator, the Feds aren't helping, now are they? You just said they weren't helping, they're just screwing you over even more.

I'm pretty sure Steve talked about this before, during some other odious bush nominee, about Landrieu blue slipping a judge til she got what she wanted, right aftet the storm, when she was in a position of some national sympathy to pull it off, but she just couldn't quite figure it out.

Yet, it’s so painfully obvious. But the senior Senator from LA can’t figure it out. So what does that tell you about her imagination and leadership ability?

So, Bush won’t help, she's in the position, if she wants to do her job and help the people of Louisiana, of having to make Bush do act.

So how is she going to make Bush do anything, let alone something that helps poor Democrats? By asking? By brown nosing Bush? By holding a hearing? Oooofha, make me laugh.

Clearly her only hope is by leveraging whatever power she has, but on what, what issue is before us where she could have an impact today?

Hmmmm, (smacks forehead)! Judge Alito, hey, Bush wants him in, she could filibuster until Bush gives her what she wants. But wait, she just pissed that away. So now she’s left with throwing herself in fetal supplication at the feet of the Manly Man President Bush. What're her odds on that happening, as compared to Bush just laughing at her?

Zero. And Big Eddie was puzzled by the e-mails he was getting bitching at him after the interview, saying he was just "reporting" by letting her speak. Christ, like we need more lame reporting than we have already.

That’s what you, Ed, you should have pointed out to her when you were interviewing her, and that’s why people are yelling at you, Ed. Because you aren’t doing the job either. "Senator, with all due respect, you just folded like a FEMA tent in the wind.

There’s nothing, and I truly mean no single solitary thing, about George Bush that’s good, nothing. He’s crapped all over this country and the world, he’s crapped all over the Constitution, he's crapped all over our integrity as a nation and a people. The blood of thousands of people, American, Iraqi, Afghani, Sudanese, Aids Victims, and many others, is on his hands, and the Democrats like Landrieu can’t see their way clear to oppose this creep and his minions.

No matter what the Democrats do, the GOP is going to hold it against them. Obstructionist? Hell yes, that’s the whole point. Stopping Bush from doing more harm. Only they wouldn’t be obstructionists, they’d be freakin Patriots.

Koresh on a flaming pogo stick, how hard is that?

Filibuster Alito

Filibuster Bush

Filibuster til IMPEACHMENT DAY

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