Friday :: Jan 27, 2006

We Shall Carry On

by paradox

Good morning, dear friends. Despite the obligatory salutation we all know it is a grim, humiliating bad morning laced with frustration and anger, but it’s all right. How many times have we been in this spot, only to shrug and work this day as best we can? Countless times.

It’s on mornings like this when I think of Krugman and his revolutionary fanatics, storming the democratic gates, crushing the helpless Democrats before gleefully drowning them in a bathtub. One party Republican rule for 75 years, like the PRI in Mexico last century. With Alito gliding in such a scenario seems likely—the crowd we have in DC now can’t even formulate a strategy for 2006, let alone try to implement it.

Then I think of Gilliard and his impatient admonition to stop whining about the punks of the present—try living black under the early 20th century southern governors with the terrorism of lynching if you want to talk about repressive government. He’s right, of course, but the incredible potential lost of what we could have been and accomplished still gets me down.

Yet here I am still, proud Democrat, defiant American. I have nowhere else to go, so a Democrat I will remain. Even if the freaks in DC do permanently crush the terrible national leadership we have for all of our lifetimes I will never be anything different. I’ll always be here, and I’ll never shut up.

Perhaps some states, after enough lying grossly incompetent abuse from a federal government, will carve out havens of government we recognize as democracy. Perhaps our military generals will finally remember their oaths and decide they won’t be lied to anymore as their men and women are butchered. Perhaps it will get really bad and all of us will read this soon with ip masking software on our machines. Here we still will be, defending an America we know and love as a haven for rights, equality, opportunity and peace.

Perhaps Kevin Drum is right and a Democrat will smash to victory as President in 2008 because, well, it’s our turn. We’ll snuff out all this gross cronyism and incompetence and as an old man I’ll look back and think I was an unduly alarmed whippersnapper in 2006. It could happen.

All that is certain is that here I am still, and I am never going away for the America I love even if it does mean voting for Feinstein this year. Only death will keep me from donating, protesting and writing, there’s 90 million Americans just like me, you hear that, lying Republican killers and oppressors? You’re willing to destroy this country just so you can always rule it all, big deal. It will never shut us up or snuff out the real America, never, and if the country came back from the civil war it will come back after these lying pipsqueeks.

That, too, is certain. We may miss it in our lifetimes, but it will happen.

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