Friday :: Jan 27, 2006

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby!

by Marie

No Senator knows the Constitution and US history better than Bobby Byrd. At least history up to 1970. He has an undying belief, unshakeable faith, in the power of the Constitution on all members of the Supreme Court. That they grow in wisdom and respect for the Constitution once they put on their robes. That they will be like the man Justice Hugo Black who shed his racist skin. Bobby can’t see that a whole new integrated legal philosophy has been constructed by “conservatives” over the past few decades by organizations like Heritage Foundation and advanced by individuals like Alito.

He appears to appreciate that it is neither conservative nor Constitutional; hence the questions he put to Alito. What IMO escapes Bobby is that any man once sitting on the Supreme Court would put any legal philosophy above that expressed by the framers of the Constitution. He believes that such a man would be different from the right-wing, knee-jerk men and women that now serve in the Senate with him. He can see them, not respect how they perform their Senate duties, but he doesn’t know this generation of “conservatives.” Doesn’t know what drives them. Doesn’t know that the Heritage Foundation isn’t a legal philosophy debating club, but a cause. A cause that Alito has carried with him through every job he’s held.

Unlike those men of Byrd’s generation that had to expand their minds once on the Supreme Court. Recognize that “We the People” means all of us -- not simply the WASPs of their youth. Their legal philosophy of the Constitution crystallized and matured as they served on the Court. The men of Bobby’s generation were changed by Supreme Court and in, turn they changed the country for the better. This generation of conservatives are fully formed, have been rehearsing their philosophical arguments for the Supreme Court for decades. Are ruthless ideologues that will say or do anything to get the power they seek.

Shame on Bobby Byrd for not knowing this. Shame on him for trusting Alito’s private assurances over his judicial record and writings. Shame on him for not recognizing that he’s old and every generation is different -- that Alito’s contemporaries on the Democratic side of the aisle know how to read Alito and Bobby doesn’t. Shame on him for voting to put one more chink in the ability of the federal government to regulate private business. How many West Virginia miners will die as a result of more GOP deregulation of private industry either by statute or Executive order and have it endorsed by men like Alito on the Supreme Court or the SCOTUS with men like Alito simply over-turning regulatory legislation? Way to go Bobby, you’ve committed to vote to make your legacy and your beloved Senate irrelevant.

(Or perhaps Bobby made a back-room deal. His vote for Alito in exchange for Bush, Congress and SCOTUS enforcing, enhancing and leave standing mine safety regulations? Or was the deal limited to West Virginia mines? Only a senile fool would make such a deal, or any deal, with the GOP gang of thugs. They don’t honor their deals once they have what they want; it’s just not in their nature. Or was it a political calculation? Similar to what many Democratic Senators, desperate to hold onto their Senate seats or to move up to the WH, made when they voted for the IWR? If your time is up, better to go down fighting with your principles intact. Better to fight against a unilateral invasion of a country that isn’t a clear and present danger. Better to stand tall for the Constitution. Better to show the courage of Paul Wellstone to do the right thing and not what looks politically expedient. Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or death.” On Thursday, Byrd said, “Screw liberty, give me life. My life as a Senator.”)

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