Sunday :: Jan 29, 2006

Bush's Lack Of Solutions And Failings Are His Own

by Steve

We’ve been hearing from the trolls for months now that the Democrats won’t do well this fall, because they have nothing to say, no policies or solutions to offer, they are simply anti-Bush and that isn’t enough to win.


If this were so, then why are the polls showing that it doesn’t matter what the Democrats have for specific policy alternatives, voters prefer them this fall after five years of the policy bankrupt GOP:

The poll also shows that the public prefers the direction Democrats in Congress would take the country as opposed to the path set by the president, that Americans trust Democrats over Republicans to address the country's biggest problems and that they strongly favor Democrats over Republicans in their vote for the House.
The Post-ABC News poll offers a revealing portrait of a restless electorate at the start of the campaign year. By 51 percent to 35 percent, Americans said they preferred to go in the direction outlined by congressional Democrats rather than the direction established by the president. On the eve of last year's State of the Union address, 45 percent said they preferred to follow the path of the president, compared with 39 percent who said they favored the Democrats' course.
By 54 percent to 38 percent, voters surveyed said they would vote for the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate for the House in November. That is one of the largest margins favoring the Democrats in two decades, although the gerrymandered House districts mean that incumbents are safer today than they were in the past.
By 51 percent to 37 percent, Americans said they trust the Democrats more than the Republicans with the main problems facing the country over the next few years, the first time since spring 1992 that Democrats have gained more than 50 percent support on that question.
Democrats have gained ground in the past two months on two other measures. The public sees Democrats as more likely to stand up to lobbyists and special-interest groups, 46 percent to 27 percent. In December, Democrats held a lead of eight percentage points. Republicans still are viewed as having stronger leaders, but Democrats have narrowed that gap by more than half.
In the latest poll, Bush received negative marks for his handling of Iraq, the federal budget deficit, ethics in government, prescription drugs for the elderly, the economy, immigration, health care and taxes. Only on terrorism did the poll find that more than 50 percent of Americans approved of his performance.

The truth is that voters don’t seem to think the Democrats are issue-less, they just see them as not being a rubber stamp for the Johnny One-Note GOP, where the only issue the White House and GOP have cared about for five years is terrorism.

Simply put, it is not the Democrats who are responsible for putting forward a batch of proposals. After five years, the GOP has no clue how to solve many of the problems facing this country, nor do they care to do so.

Bush has had five years to grapple with and propose solutions. He has the chance this week at the SOTU to tell America what his solutions are for the problems that he himself has ignored for five years and done nothing about.

If Bush doesn’t tell the country this week how he will make health insurance affordable and available to millions of Americans, he is a failure.

If Bush doesn’t tell the country this week how he will move this country quickly towards energy independence, he is a failure.

If Bush doesn’t tell the country this week how the country can reduce energy consumption and stop global warming, then he is a failure.

These are all problems that have gotten worse during Bush’s tenure due to his neglect. As such, he no longer can blame his predecessors for his own failings. Nor can he blame anyone but himself for why the federal government is a cesspool of GOP ethical malfeasance, or why foreigners own more of our debt than at any time in our history, or why our military is stretched beyond our capabilities while our enemies run free.

Johnny One-Note won’t cut it anymore. Unless we see something significant this week, these eight years will have been a waste and this man will have a record of grotesque failure and negligence.

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