Tuesday :: Jan 31, 2006

The Rise Of The Challengers

by pessimist

California could be an interesting place this year. Cindy Sheehan Is Considering A Run for Feinstein's Senate Seat.

"I am seriously considering challenging Senator Dianne Feinstein for her Senate seat in California as a Democratic candidate in the primaries. She has lost touch with the people of California and represents special interests more than her constituents."

Might we also add that Senator Feinstein's husband, Richard Blum, is a director of URS Corp., a military contractor which won a $600 million dollar Army contract in April 2003 and "In February [2003], the firm won an army engineering and logistics contract that could bring in $3.1 billion during the next eight years."

Also veteran Republican Congressman “Pete” McCloskey is coming out of retirement to challenge neo-conman Richard Pombo – recently voted one of the “13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress” by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, and labeled “a one-man Category 5 environmental disaster zone” by the Sacramento Bee.

Why is the 78-year-old McCloskey rejoining the circus? He told the Associated Press that “he felt compelled to jump back into politics, after more than two decades out of office, because of what he sees as a shift in Washington away from traditional Republican values … "Winning isn’t the issue. The issue is forcing a debate on which way the Republican Party goes," he said, [noting that] traditional Republicans such as Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and John McCain do not support the corrupt lobbying system and spending policies many Republicans have adopted lately. He said he doesn’t believe conservative Republicans support those policies, either.
“They’re moving toward the highest deficit we’ve ever had in history,” said McCloskey. “That isn’t the Republican Party that I know.”

P.M. Carpenter adds this:

Well, just this once, I'd vote Republican. The prospective joy of watching Pete McCloskey take on the Republican Establishment from within would be too delicious to deny.

I remember when McCloskey was in office, and while I didn't agree with everything he stood for, you knew where he stood. I could live with a conservative of his sort very easily.

I wish both Shehan and McCloskey luck. They are going to need it!

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