Tuesday :: Jan 31, 2006

Greatest Deliberative Body in the World, my ass!

by Marie

If the framers of the Constitution had wanted to give the President the authority to select judges, they would have said so. Instead, they required the advice and consent of the Senate. If they had wanted the judiciary to be subject to popular opinion, they would have given the House the “advice and consent” role. Or they would have required Senators to run for office more frequently than every six years.

Don’t these freakin Senators know why they were given six year terms in the Constitution? Everyone of them that bows to political pressure (perceived political pressure or makes political calculations) instead studying, thinking and deliberating to make the wisest decisions possible soils the Constitution. Spits on it and all of those that have sacrificed for it. All real Americans should spit on those sorry excuses for Senators. Those traitors to the Constitution that care more about their political party or their own sorry asses than the principles on which this country was created.

Too bad all of them will be too wealthy to ever experience the coming world according to Alito. Karma has a way of evening the score, and when it does, not one of these traitors deserves a moment of empathy from patriots. (Get tough liberals -- don’t cry for the misfortune that befalls any of them this time.)

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