Sunday :: Feb 5, 2006

I'll Be Rooting For The Steelers

by Steve

Oh, and for what it matters, I'll be rooting for Pittsburgh today. I like and respect both coaches a great deal, and their teams. I will always be a fan of Mike Holmgren for the work he did for my team in the early 90's when we won our last Super Bowl. Holmgren has been to the dance twice as a head coach with the Packers in the mid-90's, and has a ring already after winning one of those chances. Likewise Bill Cowher got to the dance once in the 90's, but lost. And Cowher has been working his tail off with the same team to get to this moment for years, and in my mind deserves a ring as well.

So if I had to choose between two good guys and coaches, I'll throw my hopes in behind Cowher and the Steelers today.

Your thoughts and predictions are welcome.

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